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Vector providing emotion scores for a word

AffectVec is a new word emotion database with the following features:

  • Over 200 different fine-grained emotions
  • Coverage of over 70,000 English words
  • Intensity scores to quantify how much a word is associated with each of the emotions
  • Higher quality than other lexicons (details in paper)

Consider the word "prank". This word may be associated with joy, but also fear, suspense, etc. AffectVec provides scores that quantify the association of words with over 200 different emotion categories, while most other emotion databases only consider 4-8 emotions. Additionally, in our experiments, we show that AffectVec has a higher correlation with human judgments than other emotion resources and that it can be used for sentence or text-level emotion prediction.


AffectVec is available as a tab-separated values (TSV) file, suitable for importing into various applications, or as a word2vec-style word vector file, suitable for use into machine learning systems.

Further Resources

We also provide the following additional resources:


For more information about the data and method, please consult our publication:

What Sparks Joy: The AffectVec Emotion Database  BibTeX
Shahab Raji, Gerard de Melo (2020)
In: Proc. The Web Conference 2020. ACM.


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